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# Web Systems ::
Christopher J Williams has earned several nationally recognised awards during the last ten years designing websites and intranet systems. This, coupled with over 20 years general programming experience mean that Christopher J Williams Systems Consulting is able to offer the right websystem for you, whether a simple website, e-commerce system or corporate / educational intranet.

#Admin ::
A growing number of companies have expanding IT Systems, but lack the in-house expertise to maintain these systems correctly, often with frequent down time and poor performance as a result. Christopher J Williams System Consulting can offer a wide range of System Administration services suitable for the smaller company right up to multi-campus enterprise level admin of multi server systems. Secure remote administration services with round the clock system monitoring are also available.

#Networking ::
Christopher J Williams Systems Consulting can offer consultancy and design for all aspects of small and large networked systems utilising LAN, WAN, and secure-encrypted Wireless LAN technologies. With a background in RF communications systems design, wireless networking and a deep understanding of techniques employed by so called "WiFi hackers", Christopher J Williams is able to provide secure wireless linking technologies that offer a significantly higher level of security than those offered by others. Recent mixed technology wireless based projects have been independently security tested and proven to offer the most advanced encryption and digital certificate technologies available today.

#Security ::
The Christopher J Williams Systems Consultancy is recognised a specialist in the fields of security and penetration testing. A comprehensive range of tests are available to check systems for vulnerabilities, possible intrusions, misconfigurations and deliberate systems damage. Also available is a password recovery service for most file formats and systems.

#Virus Control ::
Virus control is a growing problem for all, Christopher J Williams offers a range of services tailored to the individual users requirements for round the clock protection from viruses. Also offered is a fast response virus sweeping service to ensure a discrete, speedy and safe recovery is made in the event of a virus outbreak within your company.

#Software Design ::
With over 20 years of programming experience, Christopher J Williams is able to offer custom design services for users needing specific software applications.

#Database Design ::
The Christopher J Williams Systems Consultancy is recognised as a specialist in the field of database design and administration, with over 15 years of proven work with high end relational database systems. Specifically Oracle, Postgres, MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access, Clipper and many more. Also available is a custom migration service for the conversion of aging and outdated databases to modern intranet / web deliverable systems with enhanced security and functionality.

#Training ::
Christopher J Williams offers a range of training services, for all levels of end-user in areas such as Systems Admin, Linux and Unix, Databases, DBadmin, Networking Technologies, Virus Control, Web and e-commerce systems, better use of Microsoft Office, Productivity Tools, etc.



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